Isaac Cumming 20 years 257 days

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2019 Premiership Season

 AFL FantasyDream TeamStats
RdOppLocationResultTOGIconPriceBEOwn %PriceBEOwn %KHMHOTFFFAGBScore
1Spotless StadiumW 112-40       
2Optus StadiumL 104-52       
3Spotless StadiumW 125-76       
4Simonds StadiumW 75-79       
5StarTrack OvalL 82-106       
7StarTrack Oval        
9Spotless Stadium        
11Spotless Stadium        
12Adelaide Oval        
13Blundstone Arena        
15Etihad Stadium        
16Spotless Stadium        
18Spotless Stadium        
19Adelaide Oval        
20Spotless Stadium        
21StarTrack Oval        
22Spotless Stadium        
23Metricon Stadium        

Historical Data

Real Dream Team

YearPosStart PriceEnd PriceGPAvg
2019 Def$100,000$000.00
2018 Def$155,900$155,90000.00
2017 Def$134,300$134,30000.00

AFL Fantasy

YearPosStart PriceEnd PriceGPAvg
2019 Def$204,000$204,00000.00
2018 Def$170,000$191,000237.00
2017 Def$212,000$212,00000.00

Super Coach

YearPosStart PriceEnd PriceGPAvg